I specialize in helping adults in their 30s who want to heal their childhood wounds, which are getting in their way of experiencing more secure attachments in their intimate relationships. Growing up witnessing dysfunctional interactions in our family of origin does not equip us with the best tools to have healthy relationships as adults. Relationship distress can be so overwhelming that it can drain our joy, creativity, work productivity, and even our health.

Therapy is a good place to learn how to break these dysfunctional cycles of wounding so that we can not only thrive in our relationships with our loved ones (and with ourselves!) but also limit the passing of our wounds to future generations in our family. Together we will process your painful memories while also finding and strengthening your connection to your inner healer so you can learn how to take better care of yourself when you are facing difficult times. Perhaps you seek to experience more of the strength that can only be found inside of you, or you prefer to connect in a deeper way with God and your spiritual resources. No matter the path you want to take, I am here to guide and support you.

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